Friday, 14 October 2011

What The World Thinks Of America Wk3 - France

From this website, I found that within French politics especially with the up coming 2012 French Presidential elections that there is an increasing amount of Americanization within French politics which does not seem to sit well with a lot of people. There are specific trends from American politics that seem to be appearing within the French culture, for example, there has been a proposal by President Nicolas Sarkozy that French teenagers and naturalised citizens should swear to defend France which is an oath that resembles the United States pledge of allegiance. Candidate Marine Le Pen has also commented that the introduction of the guilty plea in the French justice system to eliminate that of the investigative judge which is showing their need to apply the American judicial system to French Law is not a good idea and says that it seems that the current president has a fascination with the United States but finds that their culture is very different to the French.

I also found from this website and others that the most disliked aspect of Americanization is that of their cuisine and the fact that they are losing their uniqueness and can be seen as part of an “American cultural invasion” with the amount of McDonalds becoming increasingly part of their culture and find McDonalds to be a symbol of this.

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