Saturday, 15 October 2011

Is this what North Korea thinks of America?

I found a website that, although being an American site, contains a collection of propaganda images from North Korea. All the images are very critical of America. They show American soldiers torturing and killing innocent Korean citizens. They are created for the purpose of turning public opinion against the US. Although they are not completely absurd, as we have seen through the images of American soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners in the past decade, I don't think the criticism in these images is particularly valid. They have been created to maintain order in North Korea by presenting America as the enemy. I think this immediately tarnishes there worth because they are so obviously opinion based and not factual. One thing they do highlight is how in some parts of the world information is filtered and twisted so as to create a view of the United States which is either highly positive or highly negative. I think it's important to understand that not everyone has as much freedom as we do when it comes to information and this is key when shaping an individual or collective opinion of a Nation.

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