Sunday, 16 October 2011

Opinions Of America

The link above is a Brazilians opinion of America and below are loads of comments on what he has said, sparking a huge debate.
I always find peoples opinions of America very interesting. For example some people will bite your hand of to tell you they cant stand America but cant really give you a reason why, almost like its a pre-built response in their brain. Often people who state that they hate America have no problem eating their food, listening to their music and watching their films, so maybe they need to take a step back and consider what it is that makes them dislike the place.
It can be in no doubt though that America has made mistakes, especially in its foreign policy and people from countries who have been affected by their actions of course have rights to have feelings of hostility to America.
One thing is for sure peoples views on America always sparks some strong opinions.

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  1. This man's criticisms are very stereotypical and not well thought out or backed up. I'd be interested to know if he has ever been to the USA. Also, when he says they are fat 'maybe because their food is so good' is he being sarcastic? If he's not then surely he is being hypocritical to say the world hates the USA but likes their food.


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