Monday, 3 October 2011

Negative image

When I first came across the image, I found it both bewildering and quite disturbing. It puts the problem with gun crime in the US into a visual format, this makes it extremely shocking because everybody hears about these problems, but representing it in this manner makes people realise the problems America actually faces.
Gun crime is something which heavily contrasts many of the positive ideas people think of when they think about America- which is seen to be a land of hope and glory, and that is always looking to improve for the better- it educates people to realise that some things are not always as positive and true as they seem at face value.
Another thing which I find very surprising about this diagram is that Pakistan- a country which America has been in war with for several years now, has a much lower number of weapons per person, and in America and many other Western countries, this country is seen to be a place of terror and violence, when in fact in terms of possession of weapons, it is far less prolific than America.

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