Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Coca-Cola Advert


The advert I have chosen is the Coca-Cola advert. One of the most recent adverts which i have chosen contains the story of creating happiness and bringing friends together. In this advert the drink clearly satisfies Santa Clause resulting in him tilting a snow globe which enables toys all over the world to come alive. This gives the audience a positive image that Coca-Cola can cause such things. Another way you could look at the advert is that Santa Clause takes a sip of the drink and wants to change the world, indicating that Coca-Cola have tried to do the same thing by making a positive change in the world.
Coca-Cola adverts give off the impression that with one mouthful of the drink you can fulfill your dreams and accomplish what ever you desire. Through doing this, Coca-Cola have remained reputable and contemporary by constantly reiterating their values.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Volkswagen Beetle Advert 2011


This advert was first shown at the US Super Bowl- an American football tournament that is broadcast throughout America and many other parts of the world. The advert is for Volkswagen, a German car company, however, there are still many elements of America that are present in the advert.

Interestingly, the car itself is not actually shown, but the instantly recognisable silhouette of the car is shown, as well as the beetle being used to show that it is actually the Volkswagen Beetle they are advertising. The fact that the car is not actually shown is quite surprising, but could be aiming to ensure that people go home and research about the car and find out more about it.

The song in the background, 'Black Betty- Ram Jam', is very well known in America which makes the advert easily to relate for the viewers- it is also very catchy and may stick in peoples heads for a while, meaning they remember the song and instantly relate the car to it when they hear it, this means that people may be more likely to research what the car looks like and more about it after seeing the advertisement. Its upbeat tempo and rhythm pairs up perfectly with the nature of the advert, which is effectively a race between the standard beetles and the Volkswagen Beetle- obviously, the VW comes out on top, which coincides with the American ideology of striving to be the best. The fact that the car is shown to be fast is probably used to try and change what the American people usually look for in a car, as traditionally, American people like cars with large engines, ie. Muscle cars. Volkswagen therefore cleverly promote their car to the American culture by using elements of their culture to persuade the American audience that their car is superior to others on the market.

Advert - Miller Lite


For my advert I chose the beer Miller Lite. The advert is trying to appeal to men that Miller "lite" beer isn't a feminine thing to drink as their is a stigma attached to it like diet coke is a girly thing to drink. It is also trying to get across that it tastes just as good as normal beer, you can see this in its catchphrase; "Taste Greatness". The humor in it for me is very American but I think it is very funny and it manages to get across its point clearly.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Consumerism Advert - Dr Pepper

The advert I have chosen is a fairly old one for Dr Pepper. The reason why I have chosen this is that it is very typical American with the student being in high school going to visit the nurse for a poorly finger but as the slogan for Dr Pepper is "What's the worst that could happen?", the nurse accidently puts the speaker on. After this it becomes a very tongue in cheek scene when he describes the pain in his little friend and it is perceived as something else by the rest of the student body. So not only do I feel that this advert is very typical American as a brand but it also gives a very good insite to high school and encapsulates high school life as well with the descriptions of different sets of people, such as the cheer leaders, the jocks etc.



The advert I have chosen is for Pop Tarts. They were introduced in 1964 by Kelloggs. The advert shows a dull grey world without pop tarts. Once pop tarts are introduced everything becomes colourful. The slogan "Sprinkled with joy and frosted with fun. They make the ordinary extraordinary" is used at the end of the advert. This is what the product claims to do, make the ordinary extraordinary. American exceptionalism teaches us that all Americans can achieve greatness and this advert is telling us that Pop Tarts will help them to get there. It is aimed at children and they use animated creatures to tap into the young market.