Monday, 31 October 2011

"Here individuals of all nations are melted into a new race of men, whose labours and posterity will one day cause great changes in the world"
This quote from Letters from an American Farmer is an early expression of American exceptionalism. It is however, a true statement. There have been many great Americans who have changed the world. A modern example is the technological developments in the past 20 years that have changed the way we all live our lives. Some of the most prominent figures in this industry are American. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, has changed the way people communicate forever. Steve Jobs, with the invention of the ipod and iphone, changed the way people listen to music. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, changed the way people write and has donated over 30 billion dollars to charity. They are all from different backgrounds. Mark Zuckerberg grew up in a Jewish household in New York state during the nineties, he attended Harvard University. Steve Jobs was born in San Fransisco in 1955 and was adopted, he dropped out of collage after a semester. Bill Gates was born in Seattle to parents of English, German and Scotch-Irish descent. He also attended Harvard, thirty years before Mark Zuckerberg. These men are all American and they have all changed the world. I think De Crevecoeur would class these men as the new American, they worked hard and they did extraordinary things.

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