Monday, 3 October 2011

Positive Image

I have chosen this image as my positive image because I believe it emphasises the idea of improvement and symbolises the idea of a new start. The bold letters of 'PROGRESS' are also very powerful because not only does it show Obama's aims, but links into the notion of a fresh start, especially with him being the first black president and is powerful in the sense that it gives the idea of gentrification and a new beginning.
In terms of the picture itself, the colourful, pop-art like imagery gives a more positive idea about the world of politics, which many people may consider to be dull and boring, and could have possibly encouraged those who were once uninterested in politics to vote for Obama because he is brining fresh ideas and a fresh image to the table. Many other popular people in the American culture have been famously pictured in this pop-art manner, once again encouraging people to like Obama- who had the difficult task of winning over many of the more traditional minded Americans.
The image in general is extremely famous and in essence represents a great turning point in American culture, as it shows how far America have come in a relatively short space of time, from when black people were suppressed in society to today where they have their first African-American president.

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