Sunday, 16 October 2011

What Cuba thinks of America

This website describes the relationship between Cuba and America, two countries which are very close in terms of geography but in terms of almost everything else, they are anything but close. This trend of the countries not being close in terms of their trading between each other and the travelling of citizens from Cuba to the US has been common since Fidel Castro took over in 1959.

In 2001, the Cuba-USA trading levels were practically non-existent, even after the trade embargo between the countries was amended by the Congress in 2000. However, from 2001-2009 a total of $2.8bn of agricultural exports from America to Cuba were recorded, and in 2008, over $700million of exports occurred, this shows that the relationship between Cuba and the USA may in fact be becoming stronger, especially as Fidel Castro's reign is becoming weaker and he is having to delegate a lot of his work to his younger brother Raul due to his health condition.

When Obama was first elected, their was some optimism about the relationship improving between the countries, but since then, both Raul and Fidel Castro have criticised the appointment. - this article explains why the initial optimism died down.

The three main issues preventing the return to normality of U.S.-Cuban relations are human rights violations, Guantanamo bay and the Cuban exile community. All of these issues are explained in detail on the website.

I personally believe that until Fidel Castro's rule is officially over, there is no chance of a positive relationship between the two countries, but maybe once his brother Raul takes charge, things may change. Raul has already outlined the fact that he is considering redesigning the economy and many other aspects of the country. There is no short-term solution though because the countries have such a long and troubled relationship with one another.

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