Monday, 28 November 2011

Gun Control

The website that I have chosen for pro gun control is a website caalled the Brady Campaign. Their main aim is to ensure the safety of Americans and making America a gun free society. They campaign to enforce regulations that are sensible with the federal and state laws and aim to reform America's society by educating people on gun violence. Along with this they also work with victims of gun crime as well to reduce the violence on America's streets and in peoples homes. I especially like the top hand corner of the website which gives an indication of how many people have been shot and then how many people have been shot today as this kind of gives you a realisation of the seriousness of gun control and drives home how important their mission is.

The webisite that I have chosen for anti gun control is an artical on a website called opposing views. This website basically just picks out the the main arguements against it such as it being a violation of the second ammendment of the bill of rights. They also believe that should there be gun control the is the potential for more crime and that having a gun actually prevents it plus they believe that it is needed in order for people to protect themselves plus they feel that gun control is giving the government too much power.

I think from my research on the topic that there are more websites for pro gun control and they provide a strong and reasonable argument. I do not think that having a gun prevents violence at all and therefore find the Brady campaign more convincing.

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