Sunday, 13 November 2011

19th Century Native American image

My first image is called 'sunset of a dying race'. It was painted in 1897 by Allen Christian Redwood. It shows native American life in the late 1800s and yet it is still very reminiscent of earlier years. The title of the image shows that the painter viewed this way of life as archaic and on the way out. There are modern touches to the image such as the native Americans playing cards. The second image is of a Buffalo soldier and his native American wife at a similar time. The two images express the different circumstances that native Americans lived in at this time. The painting shows native Americans in traditional dress and surroundings. The photo is of an African-American husband and a native American wife, both are in more conservative westernised clothing. The photo is an early image of the future and the painting is one last look at the past.

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