Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Gun Control Assigment

Anti-gun control


The above site is an article on a website that sells guns by a man called Rev. Kenn Blanchard. He argues that gun control is anti-american and anti-freedom and thinks people should have the freedom to decide if they want to own a gun and be able to protect themselves. He states; "It is and always has been about control. That is not American". He thinks that the governement is just trying to find something else to control and that they should not interfere.

Pro-gun Control

I found it very difficult to find pro-gun control websites, besides the two already mentioned, however I did manage to find one pro-gun control article on the site below.

Although the above site only focuses on Wisconsin it makes some good arguments, for example, stating that; "People are five to seven times more likely to be murdered in workplaces that allow firearms than in those that prohibit it". It talks about experiments and research people have done and tries to put a balanced argument across, however it reverts back to its original statement saying that it agrees that this is not a good thing.

As much as I don't agree I found the anti-gun control website more convincing. There were so many of them in comparison to pro-gun control websites and they were much more forceful and passionate in what they were saying as they obviously truely believe in the 2nd amendment of the Constitution.

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