Monday, 21 November 2011


The website I chose for pro-gun control is This is not a campaign to ban guns across America, merely to put in place more gun control. The website itself is very clear and simple to use with the main theme being red, white and blue. Up in the top right hand corner of the website is also a statistics about how many people have been shot this year and to the day. The website is full of facts about murders by guns, legislation and how to get involved.
One of the statistics the website gives us is that England and Wales has 39 deaths by guns in one year, whereas in America their were 9, 484.

The website I chose for anti-gun control is In comparison to the other website, the NRA website looks a lot more formal and serious which i instantly thought looked like a military related website. The website has a news reel at the bottom with all the latest information.
One of the articles which appeared on the homepage is an article regarding Alex Wagner who believes that the second amendment should be removed. Wagner within this article was called 'ridiculous and naive'.

I think that the stronger website is the Brady Campaign due to the clear information in the website and the easy layout. The facts not only make it easier to understand but i also think that it gives more of an impact as to how dangerous guns are, therefore giving a better argument pro gun-control.

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