Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Coca-Cola Advert


The advert I have chosen is the Coca-Cola advert. One of the most recent adverts which i have chosen contains the story of creating happiness and bringing friends together. In this advert the drink clearly satisfies Santa Clause resulting in him tilting a snow globe which enables toys all over the world to come alive. This gives the audience a positive image that Coca-Cola can cause such things. Another way you could look at the advert is that Santa Clause takes a sip of the drink and wants to change the world, indicating that Coca-Cola have tried to do the same thing by making a positive change in the world.
Coca-Cola adverts give off the impression that with one mouthful of the drink you can fulfill your dreams and accomplish what ever you desire. Through doing this, Coca-Cola have remained reputable and contemporary by constantly reiterating their values.

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